ESM specializes in endorsements, appearances, trading card deals, memorabilia, licensing, and media for NFL players. Based in Greenville, SC, ESM has spent nine years building a multitude of relationships and connections with companies and brands that utilize football players for promotions. ESM puts focus on endorsements through commercials, radio, print ads and social media campaigns. We search out high character athletes who display Christian values and want to maximize their off the field opportunities to create a substantial income that will last years after retirement. The personal attention ESM is able to provide by having a 2:1 client to staff ratio results in our athletes receiving twice the number of marketing deals most contract agencies can provide. ESM understands the first priority is football and is able to tailor a marketing package around the athlete’s time and desires. ESM is personally and solely dedicated to maximizing our athlete’s marketing.



“ESM has made a huge impact on me and my family. They genuinely want the very best for me and maximize every opportunity. I enjoy every minute working with them.”

Connor Shaw